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Launch your cloud database in an instant.
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Minimizer.io is in a few words the simplest cloud database. It comes pre-installed, pre-configured, and is modifiable via less than 10 API methods. Complexity and frustration are eliminated as every single query will have a clear and categorized outcome. Additionally, implementation of the API is available in famous web programming languages to get customers started in truly a few minutes.
High Performance
Our instances are enabled on a scalable cloud of connected servers with powerful multi-core proccessors, plenty of high-MHz DDR4 RAM, and fast SSDs with the ability of live information caching. We ensure blazzing fast responce speeds & 99.95% server uptime.
Upgrade On The Go
Worrying about performance, storage, or server scalability is now over. Upgrade your cloud application without delays, data loss, or any other incosistencies. We have everything planned for you, as every modification is just a few clicks away.
SQL Quality
Our database instances are pre-configured & latest versions of MariaDB, which is defined as a SQL database such as MySQL. This database is overly popular, universally used, trusted by millions, and will deliver all processes with quality performance.
Easy to Use
Time to forget complexity, errors, and ordinary code. Our API combines all commands to a few major methods without minimizing or removing the slightest features. Create and erase structured information with ease. We will take care of the rest.
Not Convinced?
Ask us your questions or seek support, and we will be happy to assist you. We value our customers as we value the ideas behind our services. Don't hesitate to ask, there is no frustration in the enjoyment of learning.
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